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    Mini DISC

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    • Your Introduction to the DISC Styles
    • General Characteristics of Your Style
    • The Value You Bring to Your Environment
    • Potential Areas for Improvement
    • Your Natural and Adapted Traits
    • Adapting Your Style
    • Additional DISC Resources
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    • 1 page in length and written in the third person
    • Highlights professional accomplishments, achievements, and background
    • A professional photo of you would be a great touch
    • Describes you and why you are a perfect candidate
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    • DISC Scores can be used for working relationships, romantic and any other relationships.
    • 2 Separate assessments into 1 analysis
    • Behavioral Style Overviews
    • Strengths & Struggles
    • Style Tendencies
    • Communication Do’s & Don’ts
    • Motivations
    • The 12 Integrated DISC Relationships
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    • General Characteristics
    • What You Bring to Your Environment
    • Your Motivators: Ideal Environment
    • Your Behavior and Needs Under Stress
    • Communication Plans: Areas for Improvement
    • Adapted and Natural Style
    • The 12 Integrated DISC Styles Relationships
    • Application Process
    • Identify Another Person’s Behavioral Style
    • Tension Among the Styles
    • How to Adapt to the Different Behavioral Styles
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    • Helps you understand how you approach problems and challenges.
    • Targets characteristics that move you from being just a manager to being a respected leader.
    • Strategizes for open, direct, and effective communications for your organization’s needs
    • Helps you prepare for job interviews.
    • Provides your résumé writer and career coach with knowledge about the interpersonal skills you bring to your work environment.
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    40+ Page Report

    • Evaluate your performance and communicate your strengths.
    • Help a hiring authority spot a winner.
    • Display to a potential employer that you can “hit the ground running.”
    • Gain and demonstrate your understanding of a sales slump: Get back on a winning track.
    • Boost your sales – the ultimate objective.
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    • THEORETICAL – Knowledge, Understanding
    • REGULATORY – Structure, Order, Routine
    • INDIVIDUALISTIC – Independence, Uniqueness
    • AESTHETIC – Form, Beauty, Balance
    • ECONOMIC – Practical Results, Money, ROI
    • POLITICAL – Control, Power, Influence
    • ALTRUISTIC – Service, Helping Others
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    Sales IQ

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    • Develop a plan to overcome your weak area
    • Streamline sales training
    • Focus on areas that produce results
    • Build confidence
    • Identify the sales strategies that are needed to sell a specific product/service in each market
    • Identify and leverage your strengths
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    DISC 360º

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    • Your natural strengths and how to leverage them to your advantage,
    • Your potential weaknesses and put an end to much of your self-sabotage,
    • How you react under stress and a method to convert tension into positive energy,
    • Strategies to reduce conflict,
    • What motivates you and how to accomplish more using less effort,
    • New ways to help others see the “true” you,
    • How to adapt and effectively connect with others by Treating Them the Way They Want to Be Treated.
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    Career Management

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    • Understanding your natural behavioral style
    • Determining your best role in the organization and capitalizing on your unique value to secure it
    • Knowing behaviors necessary for job success
    • Discovering job titles most appropriate for your behavioral style
    • Understanding how to respond to everyday challenges in your specific work environment
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    Résumé And Cover Letter

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    A key to professional growth is knowledge about your inherent talents and how to maximize those talents for effective communication. This knowledge can enhance your effectiveness and increase your productivity; a win-win for you and your employer. Your DISCstyles Report identifies your traits in the workplace:

    • General Characteristics
    • Your Unique Organizational Value Distinguisher
    • Your Ideal Work Environment
    • Your Behavior Under Stress
    • Your Adapted Style vs. Your Natural Style
    • Your Behavioral Pattern View
    • Your 12 Integrated DISC Style Relationships
    • Adaptability Strategies
    • Tell Me About Yourself Q & A